Purple & Olive Squares Quilt

Oh, hey! I have another finished project to share. See those colored leaves on the ground, too? They’re from one of our crape myrtles, and it’s pretty exciting when the leaves finally start changing colors and falling – we have a late, short season for fall colors here in southeastern Virginia.

I finished sewing on the binding Saturday morning (ugh, I don’t yet understand why some say it’s their favorite step, it’s the part I’d most like to outsource). This is my sixth finished quilt this year (one hasn’t been photographed), and my new goal is quilts for Christmas gifts, so I have a few left to finish in the next couple of months. I sewed this top in an evening, and was smart enough to make the backing and baste it at the same time, so that with the simplest quilting pattern ever, it was easily finished.

This was my favorite type of piecing to do – no planning whatsoever. I cut a bunch of squares in various sizes, and the rest into strips. I wasn’t really thinking about the number of squares that I’d need for the larger quilt squares, thus the stripe of patchwork up the middle and down the back. I had to cut a few extra strips as I went to finish the borders of each quilt square. I was happy with the number of squares I ended up with and the variety of color combinations. The dark purple is Anna Maria Horner (bohemian?) and the green is Michael Miller mirror dots. The background is essex linen/cotton in sand.

There’s not much purple left in my stash after using this fat quarter for part of the back. I’ll try to restrain myself, but if I see good purples I may just buy them since they seem to be hard to find! I quilted this in random lines since I was needing to get it quilted so I could use my basting pins for another project, and this project was open in my browser window at the time. I won’t say it improved my machine quilting skills at all, but the randomness of the lines works well for me with the improvised way I pieced the top.

I should probably start measuring these to see exactly what size they are, but this one is another small-ish throw. My husband likes the color combination, so it’ll probably be sticking around our house which makes me happy!