New (old) jewelry

(Yes, it’s kind of a copycat photo…)

A couple of weeks when my in-laws were in town, my mother-in-law wanted to check out a gift shop she’s come to like, and I tagged along, doubting it would even be open on a Saturday afternoon. Turns out not only was it open, but they were hosting a semi-annual jewelry sale where everything in several larges chests of drawers was $6. The jewelry was estate, deadstock, and close-out jewelry and ranged in style and quality over quite a wide range. We both had fun looking through it, and thanks to her generosity I picked out a few things (these brooches and a few necklaces). The necklaces were easy to choose – I could envision the styles and types of outfits I would wear with each. The pins, however, were a little more difficult. They’re the kind of thing that I realize I need after I put an outfit together, not when I’m picturing the outfit in advance. We’ll see if this group fits the bill once we get a little bit further into the season for wintry layers. The earrings that were for sale seemed more dated in style to me, and I wasn’t brave enough to pick out gifts for anyone since the styles were so eclectic, but they said the sale is held twice a year so I’ll definitely be looking at the chalkboard sign in front of this restaurant gift shop a little more closely in the future.


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