Picnic Quilt

This one’s for us, and I’m so glad to have it around. I considered putting it in the shop, but it was too special to me. I love the mix of fabrics – the reds don’t match exactly, and there are new & vintage quilting cottons, along with a couple recycled thrift shop shirts that started the whole thing off.

The squares are about 10″ each. I cut it and laid it out one afternoon in the spring when I had received some bad news, and about all I could do was look at fabric and put it together. I made the back at the same time, but kind of stalled out when it came to basting and quilting it – partly because it was large enough that I needed to clear out the living room to baste it, and partly a fear of puckering that I should probably just get over.

I used leftover squares & fabric from the front for the backing, along with the ikea heart fabric. The ikea fabric is very bold and graphic, but on the back you don’t have to look at it as long. The quilting is straight lines about 2″ apart, and the binding is a black and white print.

The puppy seems to approve.  We don’t have a fence around our yard (yet…we’ll see), so if he’s outside we have to be with him. Sometimes I know he’d stay out longer and play by himself, but I’m bored and all of my work is indoors. Sunday afternoon, though, I brought the blanket out and sat with him while he slept and worked on my hand quilting project a little while Carl attacked some projects in the yard.

I finished the hand quilting last night, so hopefully I’ll be able to share the finished project soon. I sewed about three seams on the machine yesterday before the puppy was awake and coming to check out what I was doing (and the bedroom floor isn’t quite clear enough for him to wander around by the machine). The iron is what really scares me, though, since he likes to chew on cords and there’s too much room for him to get hurt.  Can I mention, too, that based on conversations before we got married I always imagined that I’d be the disciplinarian with kids and Carl would be more lenient. If it works the same as with the puppy, it turns out I’m quite the softy, and Carl enforces the rules (which he’s usually strict about for the health and safety of the dog).