What it’s like with my puppy

I knew having a puppy would be a lot of work, but there were a few things I didn’t anticipate. It’s a good thing my job is slightly flexible and I have the freedom to work from home (and we’ve had friends come to let him out on mornings when I needed to be in the office).

  1. He’s pretty willful. I swear he’s looked right at me and peed on the carpet.
  2. Puppies have small bladders! The times when he does let me know he needs to go outside by going to the door, if I have to reach for the leash it’s already too late.
  3. He gets bored easily and needs new toys all the time, or anything could become the new toy. If we’re not giving him attention we can expect a nip!
  4. We’re pretty bonded – he follows me from room to room, and even if he’s sleeping he looks up periodically to see where I am and will drag himself to lay down somewhere else. This makes it really difficult to get things done! Computer work needs to happen during naps so I feel better about going on long walks, but then I’m all tired out.
  5. He does a cute thing where he picks up his leash with his mouth to “direct” me during walks.
  6. He’s slept through the night the past couple nights so no complaints there!
  7. Cuddle time is the best 🙂 Especially when we bring him to bed in the morning so we can get a couple extra minutes.
  8. Paper and plastic are his favorite things, followed closely by fabric. The biggest problem I see with sewing right now, though, is having the iron set up with a wire he’ll want to chew or could trip over. The most I’d been able to do creatively is some sketching and some lettering.
  9. It’s all worth it!