Summer Tops (& Some Thoughts on Fitting)

I guess it’s time to get around to talking about some of the fashion sewing I’ve done this summer, at least that which I’ve taken photos of. A couple of the projects I’ve completed are almost too simple to be worth discussing – there are three projects (two tops and a skirt) that were only two pattern pieces, not even facings.

Wrap Top Front

This one is the Wrap Top from Chic & Simple Sewing from Christine Hayes. I made it out of a vintage bed sheet I got at a thrift store to test the fit. It turns out that I don’t think the pattern is worth tweaking to get a better fit. I’m not sure if I needed to make a smaller size, do a SBA, or just keep it tied tighter for it to fit better. I’ve worn it, but it takes effort to keep it looking decent through the day.

Wrap Top Back

So I decided after the unspectacular fit there that I was ready to try a Burda magazine pattern. I forget that I know as much about sewing as I do and get stuck reviewing the instructions countless times for things that I already know how to do.

Burda 2009-05-115A Front

It turned out I didn’t need to worry, since this one was no problem at all. I even changed the way to do the armhole binding, because their instructions didn’t really make sense to me.

Burda 2009-05-115A Side

The problem is that when I finished it and tried it on there were a few fit issues. Nothing to prevent me from wearing this top, since it’s a fairly casual look (though since I made it from a linen/rayon it works for the office too). I’m not sure yet if it’s a narrow back, narrow shoulder, needs a petite adjustment, or all three. The first time I tried it on the zipper stuck out like a triangle at the top, but that seems to have been a temporary problem.

Burda 2009-05-115A

This photo shows the obvious drag lines toward the bottom of the back. I’ve been working on my confidence in trying new patterns and sewing them quickly so I don’t have time to get stuck on minor issues, but it looks like it’s time to start figuring out my fit issues and what alterations I need to make. I tried on blazers this week and realized that my size on top is far different than on the bottom, but I’d like to be able to sew more than casual tops, which will take some serious consideration of fit.


2 thoughts on “Summer Tops (& Some Thoughts on Fitting)

  1. nice work! I especially love the orange top. It’s definitely worth the effort to figure out the alterations you need – it just takes time. The only downside is that it makes you picky about fit!

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