Quilt for Ezra

This is my second completed quilt. I bought the fabric a long time ago for a friend who was decorating her nursery with a jungle theme, but never made the quilt (sorry, Jaci). So when I went looking for fabric for a baby boy it seemed perfect – and maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised that the yellow, green, and brown fabrics that matched perfectly were also already in my stash. Especially odd since I don’t usually have a lot of solids around, but I was surprised that the Bijoux print combined the colors just right.

It’s quilted with a wavy line, and although some spots were skipped or tangled, I was the most surprised by how much more successful I was at doing the quilting when I switched to Gutermann thread- the better quality made all the difference here. Sadly, I didn’t use a color catcher the first time I washed it and the green turned out to be a magnet for the extra brown dye in the wash.

Now I just need to get it in the mail to Germany and get over my fear of puckering that’s keeping me from basting my next quilt! That top went together quickly but it’s been sitting in the pile for quite awhile. I have another that’s just waiting for the binding to be finished and started a top on Sunday night that I’m looking forward to seeing finished.


2 thoughts on “Quilt for Ezra

  1. Camels & Chocolate says:

    I’m not particularly crafty, though I do like long-term projects, but lately I’ve had such a longing to make a quilt. And I have NO idea why, nor do I even know how to start one! This is positively lovely and just feeds my want!

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