Four New Pillows

I finished these pillows this week for my shop.

Linen Squares Pillow

I feel like they’re a good blend of my personal taste and what I think people might buy.

Sometimes I have a hard time with that in my crafting. I don’t need all the things I make so I don’t spend all my crafty time making things for myself. But if I make only gifts, then I’m not getting to express the full range of ideas I have, because I’m making things that other people will appreciate as well. So I’m hoping that through crafting for the etsy store I’ll get a chance to play around a little bit and try some different things.

Some of the things in the shop are more “use what you have” exercises- the materials were cheap, so I was playing with how I could make them look good. Others were things I could envision taking to craft shows (even though I’m not sure craft shows blend with my personality at all).

I’m hoping that blogging will give me the opportunity to keep trying new things with the thought of sharing them, not necessarily knowing their purpose when I start out.


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